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chiwannawa's Journal

14 September 1987
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my biography? what's there to say? i don't really like people...not really but there are a few that i love. i admit to being rather talented though it's only matched by my lack of self confidence and general laziness. i don't want, like or desire children and nine times out of ten i picture myself placing a particularly nasty child in a microwave. i love my chiwanna-wa 'cuz she's perfect (she told me this herself) and i love my jason even though he's my boyfriend ;D. i have an unyielding obsession with final fantays VIII and tend to write odd fan fictions based on the ever aging game. i like to laugh and also enjoy making others laugh even if it's only at shock value. yep, you can tally that on the 'defense mechanisms' list. that's all i have to say. i pity you if you actually read this. pity, pity, pity...