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I'm not afraid to cut myself so why should i be afraid to cut you? [29 Jan 2008|06:42pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

as of this current point in time my life is both black and white. the black part is by far my old very shitty computer. the white, quite obviously is the new one. but the blackest of the black has to be my evil ipod that keeps shutting down my older computer while i try to transfer my music to the new one. so fuck you ipod, may you rot in hell!

also, today work was incredibly slow and all that i got was one table, with one guy who didn't tip me. i didn't even win a contest. fuck! so i basically i lost money when going to work today due to fucking tip share and silverware. fuck fuck fuck fuck...FUCK!!!!

but all in all i do have my new computer (thanks cat and boomer!!!) and it's working out splendidly. so...argh. and i do have a wonderful chihuahua.

i shouldn't bitch so much really.

aw well.

broken wings

What Do You Have To Say? - Total Transformation [23 Jan 2008|09:30pm]
What's the most drastic change you've ever made to your appearance?
 i haven't done anything drastic, or at least nothing that i've considered drastic.

i didn't dye my hair until i was a freshman and then it was only two black streaks for my bangs.

change scares me especially drastic ones, so i don't usually drasticly change anything in my life.

viva me!
broken wings

hunger is like god telling you how stupid you are..... [10 Jan 2008|08:59pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

i need to learn how to eat more. ugh!

anywho, today was the cold snowy break from out warmer weather. aw well, at least the snow looks pretty.

haven't been working regularly which is my fault and for that i feel most disgusted with myself. i know that i can do better but i rarely do and often choose to spend the day drawing away frittering my time until i have to sleep or kiss chihuahua. i really do love her.


a picture of my brother and me around the time of my grandfather's funeral. it was a joke picture that often makes me laugh due to the fact that it looks like he's going to the light. haha.

my spirits have lightened a little bit.

perhaps tomorrow will be better and will also become a stepping stone for me to become a better person.

god, i'm such a douche.

mend my {2} broken wings

so sleeepy [04 Jan 2008|02:27am]
[ mood | tired ]

i'm still waiting for jason to get off of work. it's very late and i'm very tired. i'm not mad or anything since i chose to be here and he's told me several times already to go home. i think that i might but i think i'm just going to show off some more of my mad skills! god i need sleep......


these are both obviously rinoa. i did the pencil first but felt that it needed a little oomph so i traced it and did it over in ink with all of the random embelishments. i like the pencil better but aprceciate the engery of the inked and how it kind of adds to the pose itself. woot.

and for those who know me. what would happen if jesus and i were stranded on a deserted island. a concept that came up by a simple survey question that went IF YOU WERE STRANDED ON A DESERTED ISLAND, WHO WOULD YOU WANT TO BE WITH: (my answer) jesus, that guy can walk on water man!


it made my mom laugh...oh and the joke is from the crow, it used to be my voicemail message...but i don't even have that phone anymore.

okay, i'm done being a pompous ass.

mend my {2} broken wings

excited yet sad... [03 Jan 2008|10:33pm]
[ mood | calm ]

so, my mac is currently going under construction (thanks cat and boomer) so i haven't been able to write mostly anything since the computer i've been using is at the boyfriend's jobby. tres sucks but i'm glad to have something.

anyway, i guess i just have a lot tumbling about in my head (yes fan fiction wise) and have been wanting to post something. hopefully mr. mac will be coming home soon and i can finally rid myself of this irvine obsession. yep, currently under a faux cowboy fetish....NOW I GIVE YOU RINOA!!!!!


 i drew this as a request from an old friend who came up with the idea that we both pick our favorite characters from our favorite whatever (hers was harley from batman) and we write short comics about them. i was the only one to do it but i have no bitterness about not acquiring a response due to the fact that...well i actually kind of like it. it's kind of a kiss off to those avid rinoa haters who just can't help but bitch about her. c'mon peoples, she's a video game character to a game almost ten years old. if you hate her so much than don't play the game.

i love her though. viva la rin!

mend my {2} broken wings

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